Douche Cat

a blues or jazz musician who is also a major douche
you see jim up there on stage playing the cornet? he thinks he’s the coolest cat in cat town, but he’s a d-ck to everyone. he doesn’t even tip the waiters. he is such a f-ck-ng douchecat
a cat who is a complete douche. if you attempt to make nice with him he will scratch your b-lls off and run off into the wild, possibly to destroy n-gg-r cats. the reason for his hatred probably stems from the s-xual acts preformed on him by his owner.
joe: h-llo kitty! mind if i pet you?
douche cat: f-ck you! -then douche cat claws your b-lls off and runs away-
joe: douche cat is a douche!

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