f-ckboi extrodinair with funky eyebrows
david is a total douchebrows.

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  • nemething

    the act of rubbing duck b-tter on one’s own lip for pleasure and satisfaction. man i was nemething so hard last night i almost j-zzed myself!

  • armando ruiz

    lonzo bbb armando ruiz is a s-xy

  • dockyard run around

    asking for a bit of information and being sent back to talk to the people you’ve just spoken to. i’ve just spoken to them. this is becoming a dockyard run around!

  • jaxy

    very hot girl, very nice, usually blond haired ,blue eyed, very great taste in music and clothing boy 1 i love that girl that sits next to me i think shes a jaxy boy 2 back off shes mine

  • blaze the cat

    a pyrokinetic purple feline from the sonic franchise. often anti-social. according to one of her character profiles, she’s ashamed of her breast size, so she’s got that going for her i guess… blaze the cat did not have s-xual relationships with silver the hedgehog.

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