a person whose stupidity is annoying
the little kid that thought he knew everything and didn’t, was such a doumits

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  • downski

    to pretty much own someone by hitting them in the face. “tom definitely just downskied that kid!”

  • dozzy

    dozzy is a form of saying sorry in a kind of “ahh sorry mate lolol” type way, its not a very serious phrase and is abrieviated from sorry to sozzy to dozzy. can be extended to dozzycopter. did you get me that cd?, dozzy>.< tralalalalalalaala, dude..stfu, dozzy

  • lsdap

    laugh, sing, dance and play hey..i miss you. can we go lsdap soon? -please do not mistake for a lapdance-

  • drag main

    developed in montana, dragging main is a coping mechanism that kids use to avoid teenage pregnancy and meth use. essentially the subject drives back and forth down main street for as long as it remains interesting. it may also be done on a bike or on foot. dude, wanna go drag main tonight?

  • flaqualate [pr*nounced flack-a- late]

    the word is flaqualate. this word has been very useful to a number of people in describing a feeling, and an action. a woman walked outside to sit by the gr-ss. there she found a bird on the ground who flapped and struggled and stressed and could not improve her condition. she could not re […]

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