1. to be ‘with it or in ‘the know how’, knowledgeable about something, or to give respect/recognition to something.
2. to be keen for something.
3. to be friends with someone or to spend time with them. ‘gettin down’ means to f-ck them.
4. to have something ‘down pat’ or well perfected.
5. to be in agreeance with someone or something.
1. “oh yeah…i’m down with what yo talking.”
“i’m down for some redman.”
2. “are you down to get a feed?”
3. “i’m pretty down with her.”
“i was ‘gettin down’ with her the other night.”
4. “you gotta have your kickflips ‘down pat’.”
5. “wanna go for a skate?”
“yeah, i’m down.”
to be “down” means to be “with it”. respected in the thug community.
what do you mean, no? i thought you was down.

you gettin’ down, boy!
short for downs-syndrome. a word commonly used to describe someone portraying the traits of a kid with downs-syndrome. such traits include drooling all over yourself, folded ears, or just plain being r-t-rded.
“dude you have f-ckin’ downs.”
the opposite of up
reach down and touch your toes
keen , want to do it/something
yeh bro i’m down. nah its gonna be cr-p i’m not down
i’m not down for that bro..
1.drink something fast
2.all about something, or okay with it
3. heroin
4.oral s-x
5.duvet, or blanket filled with feathers
1.”i’m gonna down this beer”
2.”that billy is down with the ladies”
“you down with seeing a movie?”
“i’m down with it”
3.”dude, you know where i can get some down”
4. “my boy went down on me last night”
5. “it’s cold, but my down is keeping me warm”
a southern metal band from new orleans, louisiana; features phil anselmo (pantera) on vocals, pepper keenan (corrosion of conformity) on guitar, kirk windstein (crowbar) on guitar, rex brown (pantera) on b-ss, and jimmy bower (eyehategod) on drums.
i hope down records another alb-m.

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