a term used by computer illiterate people to describe every action they do on the computer.
they think they sound like they know what they are doing and are computer-smart, but in reality, they’re complete morons.
i downloaded the report to my boss.

do you know how to download these mp3’s on my desktop to a cd so i can play them on my walkman?
1. verb. to defecate, commonly used as a euphamism over wireless communication when a third party who may be offended may be listening.

2. verb. to retrieve a digital file electronically, usually over the internet.

3. noun. a digital file retrieved as per definition 2.

4. verb. to be told news that is unwanted by the receipient.
1. i was talking to the boss on the walkie-talkie in front of a client. when i asked if he could meet up with us, he said taht he was downloading.

2. i downloaded a virus by mistake. it f-cked up my puter.

3. the file i got from kazaa was a really good download.

4. my roommate got back to our crib and started downloading her day to me while i was trying to chill.
to take a cr-p
i am going to go download now.
what 99% of the world obtain their music and programs. in 5 years cd’s, tapes and records etc will all be eliminated.
in 2020 it will be possible to download the internet.
(1) people from the baby boom generation through generation x mistakenly referring to the act of retrieving files off the intertubes.

(2) slang for p–ping
grandson: grandma, the photos are on flickr for you.
grandma: do i down load on my computer (1)?
grandson: no grandma, that would break it. you down load the toilet (2), and download on your computer.
downloading refers to:
a) the processing of information. ‘to download’ means to have comprehended, to have captured, to have ‘got’ something. the term can only be used with only to animate subjects.

b) the p-ssing on of information. ‘to download’ also means to get it all out of your system.
‘i have downloaded your meaning and think you should leave’
‘i don’t download’
‘got a problem? download, bro’
the best rock concert out. it used to be called ‘monsters of rock’ and ‘ozzfest’.
guy: you going download this year..?

girl: corse i am no- one who is vagly cool misses download..!

guy: sweet..! you gonna camp in my tent..?

girl: sure..!

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