downward spiral

this term describes a depressive state where the person experiencing the downward spiral is getting more and more depressed, perhaps due to causes unknown. it is called a downward spiral because there is no way to stop it, its just going to get worse and worse… until the person crashes, and maybe finds their way back to happiness.
“i don’t know what’s causing it, but i just want to warn you that i’m on the downward spiral.”
“seriously? i hope everything is ok.”


“i hate my f-cking job, my wife is cheating on me, and the only thing keeping me sane is my job with this new startup company that is slowly running out of money for us…”
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the term downward spiral is commonly used to describe depression and/or drug abuse, but can be applied to anything that starts out bad and just gets worse and worse and worse.

a downard spiral is ill-strated in the book and movie requiem for a dream.

basic plot-

use a drug once
use it again
and again
and again
get an addiction
spend all your money on your addiction
start selling the drug to make money to pay for the addiction
use the drugs for yourself instead of selling them to pay for your own (why you should never sell the drug you do, if you sell at all)
f-ck yerself over so badly you die, possibly from overdose, maybe you get shot by a drug dealer, maybe you kill yerself because you realize youve f-cked your life over.
person1: i heard some girl died.. what happened?
person2: she was fine, then she got a crush on a guy who did drugs, so she started to do drugs, then became a junkie, then overdosed, and is now six feet under.
person1: oh, thats sad.
person2: just the typical downward spiral. happens all the time…
person1: …that sucks.
person2: basically. lets go eat ice cream.
person1: deal.
1. when somebody goes into a downward state of depression and (maybe) finds their way back up.

2. a nine inch nails alb-m.
1. ohh, man, i feel like sh-t today. i think i’m on the downward spiral.

2. i am a big man, yes i am, and i’ve got a big gun. got me a big ol’ d-ck and i, i like to have fun.
the act of falling from the top of the drinking world to be the sick drunk chick. usually occurs when a chick tries to out drink a man. the chick will rapidly descend into a drunken mess.
dude, kelly totally tried to out drink me and i was no you f-cking can’t. kelly totally hit the downward spiral after two shots.
one of the most evasive mushroom-cloud laying motherf-ckers on hobowars.
downward spiral is betty’s hero.
knudsen’s finishing move during gay s-x
knudsen downward spiraled his gay lover.

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