a very sociable person, weird and outgoing. very hot and s-xy
oh wow, she is such a dowser

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  • dozo

    slang for cardozo high school in ny. that dude is from dozo. intellectually challenged person, typically a new zealander why did you say/do that? you are a real dozo!

  • hand tossed

    masturbation. also a tasty option at pizza hut. did you get any last night? yep,hand tossed.

  • dpsomania

    dpsomania: (n) an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess dp got owned at lb hc so now he has dpsomania

  • Hankish

    hankish : to hook up with someone and fool around. – too have s-xual relations with someone – “bro did you hankish with her??” – “man i just had the best hankish session with her”

  • Junquistador

    an old, beat-up pickup truck driven primarily by undoc-mented mexicans or latin americans in large city neighborhoods used to collect all manner of metal garbage and trash. typically these pickups rumble through the alleys and streets on a predictable schedule. many neighbors antic-p-te the comings around of these rusty heaps and remind each other to […]

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