he is a character from mortal kombat 5: deadly alliance. an oni is a deamon from the netherealm. they are foul creatures consumed with hatred and possessed with the desire to inflict pain and suffering upon others. drahmin is no exception. with his right arm completely encased within an iron club, he eagerly crushes his opponents to dust. the torturous environment of the 5th plane of the netherealm can twist any being into a vicious monster. such is the story of drahmin, the oni tormentor. once a ruthless and powerful warlord, drahmin fell from the eye’s of mortal man when he was banished to the netherrealm. it is here that abysmal powers began to redesign the fallen ruler into an oni-demon feared and famed throughout the empires of the outworld. drahmin’s sentence to the depths of the netherealm would last for 500 years, his body and sanity ravaged by the unspeakable tortures inflicted upon him. the end product of these hideous machinations would be a being fueled by an unquenchable insane fury. unfocused with his murderous insanity, drahmin is a monstrously fierce opponent. i is when he dons his artifact mask; the face of kun-lo, that he can center his power into a precise lethal fighting style that has made him into the legendary oni-tormentor. the oni torementor drahmin resided in the 5th plane of the netherrealm for centuries, it was therefore no surprise to moloch that drahmin would so readily accept quan chi’s offer of freedom from that realm in return for protection from the ninja spectre scorpion. drahmin and moloch savagely brutalized scorpion whenever he a made a move for quan chi. it would not be long before they would be released upon the world of the living and taste mortal flesh once more. drahmin had led quan chi to a structure that housed the remnants of ancient tablets and runestones dating back to the creation of the realms. quan chi’s eye was caught by a tablet with an image that bore a striking resemblance to hin amulet. the encraved writing revealed the amulet’s hidden power to control inter-realm portals. breaking his promise, quan chi betrayed moloch and drahmin and used the amulet to escape the netherealm without them. unknown to quan chi, however, the two oni also escaped and are now thirsty for revenge. moloch and drahmin had emerged in outworld next to a large circular stone disc that was lying on it’s side. it’s shape was vaguely familiar to drahmin. suddenly there was a scent of mortal flesh in the air. it was moloch who smelled it first. the mortal had not noticed them until it was too late. the two oni pounced on their prey. the mortal appeared to be cyrax. drahmin and moloch were close to tasting the mortal flesh when the prey they had been attacking spit out an enchanted object that burst into a loud fireball. the two oni ran from the mortal for fear of another attack. they spent the coming months in the forests near a small town, eating mortals that wandered too close to the treeline. sent by the sorcerer shang tsung, the two oni known as drahmin and moloch confronted quan chi, enraged that he had tried to leave them stranded in the bowels of the netherealm. in the battle that ensued, drahmin leapt at quan chi and both kombatants stumbled into the inner sanctum chamber. moments later, drahmin emerged from the chamber altered from his previous form.

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