drew bird

there aren’t any definitions for drew bird yet.

can you define it?

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  • spermenship

    having rights to something your parents bought because you’re their child guy: this is your xbox, kick him off girl: well it’s not mine my dad bought it, but i have spermenship

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    zoëcat is a term popular with the members of general nonsense. it is the ship name of the legendary zoë and minecat. as they are a married couple, general nonsense members are known to fangirl or become overcome with adorableness when they see a “zoëcat moment”. zoë: i’m gonna go to sleep goodnight minecat: goodnight […]

  • dadsona

    like a fursona, but for dads instead of animals. hey, look at my dadsona.

  • musaddaq

    he’s an alabama hot pocket with a blue waffle on top goshhh i got the musaddaq’s!!!

  • ho but

    used in coal region speak mainly in schuylkill co. pa. an abbreviated version if hey buddy, when addressing a question to someone. ho but, wazt da weather gonna be like tonight?

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