when you are falling asleep and your head is bobbing
d-mn look at that fine -ss girl in the mall she keeps falling asleep and her noggin is lolling around,
girl be dribbing

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  • jingy

    sketchy, just not quite right, a little off, potentially dangerous i don’t want that jingy person coming over for a date!

  • *n*sa

    is a monkey which climbs trees and trows p–p down at other monkey mates it has been said that it only eats its own p–p and earwax did that crazy -n-sa throw p–p again ?

  • flip shop

    a publication, often a website, which distributes lazy borderline plagiarism of others’ articles and p-sses them off as their own (e.g., cracked.com, todayifoundout.com, buzzfeed.com et al.) those sh-tbirds at the dollop flip shop just poached another of my articles.

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    lets lurk means lets f-ck about or lets p-ss people off in town daquan: what should we do tyrone: ah lets lurk daquan: mad idea g

  • suffer bank

    a metaphorical bank where you place your deposits of suffering to make withdrawals later. for instance, a cycling effort where the training is suffering and it goes to your sufferbank so you can make with a withdrawal on race day to make your compet-tion pay. this 2000 kilometer climb is going to the suffer bank!

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