drift trike

drift trikes are tricycles that have slick rear wheels, normally made from a hard plastic material. they are usually ridden on paved roads with a steep downhill gradient and some corners. smooth roads are preferred to co-rs- chip sealed road as co-rs- surfaces tend to wear rear wheels faster.

riders gather momentum through gravity, although some drift trikes have pedals.

pedals are useful for slow speed riding, but are of no use at high speed. drift trikes can reach speeds of up to 90km/h, but the normal operating speed is between 25 and 65km/h.

a drift trike consists of a tricycle with a pneumatic front wheel. the front wheel can have a freewheeling crank or foot pegs
nice drift trike.
an adult sized version of the child’s toy known as a big-wheel.
johnny likes to ride his trike daddy customs american made drift trike.

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