drop it

to spin a phat beat
you dj drop me something by eminem
n. a super hot guy or girl.

v. to drop your number on a piece of paper in front of a hot guy/girl so that they pick it up & call you.

ratings of a “drop it” —
only a little cute: pull out the pen

just cute but not totally hot: write it down

super cute: drop it (also there is drop it twice or three times depending how cute)

& just beyond hot: straight up plug in our number to their phone
stacy: omg. drop it!!
mich-lle: where?!
stacy: across the pool, six pack, blue trunks
mich-lle: psh!! drop it twice!!
jen: ew. i wouldnt even pull out the pen.

julie: i’d write it down
stacy: your crazy. he’s freakin hot!
mich-lle: definitely a drop it
what you say to a black person when he walks out of any store
n-gg-r whys that psp in your jacket? drop it!

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