october 1985, diamond-star motors (dsm) was incorporated as a joint venture of mitsubishi motors corporation (mmc) and chrysler corporation.

april 1986, ground broken for the auto -ssembly plant in normal, illinois. construction of the 1.9 million square foot facility, with an annual production capacity of 240,000 vehicles, was completed in march 1988.

diamond-star motors simultaneously launched its first two m-ss production vehicles in september 1988: the mitsubishi eclipse and the plymouth laser.

in 1989, 90,741 vehicles were produced. a second production shift and a third shift for engineering and maintenance were added in may 1989.

in 1991, mmc purchased chrysler’s 50 percent share and the plant became a wholly-owned subsidiary of mmc. on july 1, 1995, diamond-star motors was renamed mitsubishi motor manufacturing of america, inc.

in october 1995, mmma celebrated the one-millionth vehicle – which was the first mitsubishi eclipse spyder convertible. it was also the 10th anniversary of incorporation.

the plant has had three expansions since 1988; the most recent was in november 2000 when groundbreaking occurred for a 170,000 square foot expansion to stamping and body shops to accommodate the new sport utility to be built at mmma in 2003 (2004 model year ). upon completion of this expansion, square footage will be 2.5 million.

rich gilligan joined mmma in december 1998 as executive vice president and chief operating officer and began a restructuring and turnaround of plant operations.
that ther dsm dun went and toasted my mustang

there’s no way that’s stock, i have 20 grand in my honda and your dsm beat me

wow, i got $5000 time to make a 9 second dsm
diamond-star motors, a now defunct partnership between chrysler and mitsubishi. they produced cars that were rebadged multiple times and sold by different nameplates and under different names (the mitsubishi eclipse, eagle talon, and plymoth laser were all the same car).
the eclipse/talon/laser was the most popular dsm car.
a mitsubishi using the 4g63 platform. usually seen flying by hondas and mustangs that have a h-lluva lot more money invested into their cars.
wow, i just dropped 5 million dollars into my honda and got my -ss handed to me by a stock dsm with a boost controller.
with exhaust and a mbc you will destroy mustangs and all fbodys nuff said. many hicks eat there sh-t after getting there -ss handed to them by one.
a joint-corporation of chrysler and mitsubishi. come in 2 generations. 89-94 and 95-99. known for bad transmissions and breaking down a h-ll of a lot. these cars can be built into v8-eating street machines, all you need is a mbc and some bolt ons.
dsm > what you drive
the mark of poorly functioning transmission.
dsm’s are not known for the transmissions.
a small, fast, easily modified car built my mitsubishi in a partnership with dodge. see crankwalk
“i would have beat that m3, but crankwalk owned me!”

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