Du Quoin


du quoin is a city located in perry county in the southern portion of illinois. officially the town was founded in 1853, but was a know trading point for many years prior.

the town was named after chief jean baptiste ducoigne of the kasaskia, an illiniwek people who were defeated by the shawnee near the area in 1802.

during the nadir period, du quoin was one of the few towns in southern illinois, and the only one in perry county, that was a non-sundown town.

the actress billie hayes was born here in 1932 and is best known as witchiepoo from h.r. pufnstuf. also rapper/r&b singer luchie porter (luch dogg) was born here. former mlb pitcher don stanhouse was also born here.

du quoin was the former home of both the hambletonian (1957-1980) and the world trotting derby (1981-2009). as of 2009 the du quoin indian’s football team holds the illinois state record having gone to 28 straight state playoffs.

the du quoin state fair takes place every year from the last week of august to the first week of september. it started in 1923 under the ownership of w. r. hayes and was privatley owned for 63 years before being taken over by the state of illinois.

in 2010 the du quoin state fair grossed 1.5 million dollars, exceeding the budget of 1.46 million dollars. a first in the history of the fair; more then 350,000 people attended the fair.
male 1: dude did you go see seether at the du quoin state fair last night?

male 2: ah that was last night? i was watching the demo derby.

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