Dub Geezy

“dub geezy” is an alternative name for the town of welwyn garden city in hertfordshire england, which is one of the most thugged out and g-ngb-nging ends on road. coined by local rapper mc blitzkrieg (an affiliate of the mdma crew), the phrase “dub geezy” is growing in popularity and is based on grime terminology for areas of london. notably north weezy and n dubs which refer to areas falling under the north west (nw) postcodes of london.
other varients of this phrase include “welwyn geezy”.
1)mc blitzkrieg – “dub geezy to the death ma’f-cker”

2) ross kemp (from “ross kemp on gangs” on sky one) – “now we’re all familiar with the gang lands of brixton, kingston jamaica, compton and el salvador, but this week i’m gonna explore some really f-cked up ghettos in dub geezy hertfordshire”

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