another word for joint that whites kids use to make themselves feel cool, or to try to fit in
” yo man i just rolled a dubbie, wanna help me smoke it down?”

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  • dumpster cake

    a sk-nky, morally bankrupt person, similar to a box of little debbie’s that you find in a dumpster but you take them out and eat them anyway. synonym for tater hog. “i can’t believe you banged that dumpster cake”

  • Fire Hydrant

    a girl that puts out. jimmy, you should get with carol, i hear that she’s a fire hydrant, she’ll sleep with you on the first date for sure! 20

  • frangoli

    a stupid fake pizza topping that everybody should ask pizza guys for. jarrett: you guys got frangoli? pizza guys: we’re calling the cops. a common pizza topping. can i get a small cheese pizza with frangoli please

  • Freggue

    a girl who thinks she is ugly, where in reality she is a n-gg-r who cannot be ugly because she is so black you can’t see her. boy 1: d-mn that girl is such a freggue boy 2: you probably can’t see her in the dark

  • Garbage Hug

    when a drunk co-worker is so happy after a holiday party and hugs someone outside and falls back into a pile of garbage bags with them. “wow, jay was really happy after the holiday party and gave toby a garbage hug”

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