aka “duce-aranciata.”
“aranciata” (italian) and “naranja” (spanish) = orange.
duce-naranja refers to the orange-skinned, orange-coiffed potus (“pendejo of the u.s.”) who was elected in november 2016: donald trump.
the term “duce-naranja” (or “duce-aranciata”) has many advantages and virtues:
– it refers clearly to his most obvious historical precedent, the italian dictator benito mussolini (1922-1943).
– trump’s orangeness was established in his early years, and therefore the term is readily understood.
– silvio berlusconi, the shockingly corrupt and lecherous italian prime minister, is also an obvious precedent, and also had an unnatural orangey complexion. this is another reason that urban dictionary suggests that “duce-naranja” (or -aranciata) is a highly useful and precise term.
– see the writings of alexander reid ross and others for trump’s -ssocations with the likes of mussolini.
can you believe the idiotic, self-indicting tweets that the duce-naranja just sent out?! mussolini himself had more sense then the duce-naranja, who seems like the parody of the original duce.

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