the word to use when “handsome” is too formal, and “cute” is too informal. the equivilant of “beautiful”, but is to be directed towards a male.
gee, danny! you sure look dudeiful today.

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  • swag hoe

    the female version of a swag f-g 1.dude look at that chick she’s such a swag f-g 2. nah man she’s a swag hoe

  • cast a shadow

    means that someone is about to roast you or someone else the other, hailu was about to cast a shadow on noah when the teacher came and stop him.

  • pattenberry

    a large booty “oh d-mn look at that pattenberry”

  • 2qt

    too cute. “have you seen her? she is just 2qt!” “oh my god that puppy is 2qt!”

  • period boner

    when your tampon or pad is soaked and you don’t have any extras so you stuff your underwear with tissues and it looks like a b-n-r oh sh-t i just realized i made myself a period b-n-r (noun): something or someone that is unpleasant to all the senses. (noun): slang for exclamation mark. “dude, stop […]

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