a regal and n-ble position
i’m getting married, will you be my dufasary?

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  • wide slash

    another term for a v-g-n-. d-mn son. she done had one dem wide slashes.

  • kentucky pop tart

    a s-x act involving one or more people where a chicken leg is used in place of a d-ld-. kyle: how was your date with amanda last night? ryan: so hot, so crazy! she let me give her a kentucky pop tart. kyle: wow! i thought she was a vegetarian.

  • fronsh

    a combination of the words “french” and “fresh”, meaning something along the lines of “fancy-fresh”. used in place of exclamations like “awesome” and “dope”. emily’s new shoes are totally fronsh!!!

  • mabed

    to be pressured/tricked/manipulated into going somewhere with someone only to find that the individual’s plans are treacherously boring and you have no way to get out. mabe: “lets go to charleston. i’ll even drive for you” friend: “yeah man that sounds great. i’ll pack a bathing suit.” -arrives in charleston friend: “lets stop by the […]

  • arlynda

    fun loving, cool and crazy girl. don’t double cross her because she will come back with avengence. let’s go hangout with that cool chick arlynda.

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