Dumpster Butt

physical condition characterized by the presence of slippery sh-t residue in taint and -n-s region a the result of either: 1) failure to completely remove all sh-t during post-dump -ss wiping or, 2) failure to completely expell all sh-t from body during dump, leading to the ‘slow-leak’ factor involving the slow excretion of sh-t matter through b-tt cheeks while walking or standing. while this phenomenon is often confused with ‘swamp -ss’, a quick examination of one’s underwear reveals a more prominent ratio of sh-t vs. sweat during the presence of dumpster b-tt.
during my lunchbreak at work today i carefully and quietly crammed a wad of toilet paper in my -ss to quelch the dumpster b-tt i’d developed from my morning quick-sh-t.
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noun dəm(p)-stər bət

a) a r-ct-m used as a large receptacle for all manner of c-ck, c-m or instrument with no regard for health or hygeine
b) a whorish gay male
gurl…you should have have scene it! he was al kinds of cracked out. he took two c-cks at once and about 20 loads. what a dumpster b-tt! i still love him though.

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