a sl-tty or ugly girl, who after a long night of s-x, proceeds to take a sh-t on you in your sleep.
“wow man, i woke up to a hot one on my chest, you didn’t tell me she was a dumptrucker.”

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  • lmf**wjoiymfb

    stands for laughing my f-ck-ng -ss off while jacking off in your moms face biznatch you suck, lmf–wjoiymfb

  • 9t8

    alternative manner in which the year date could be written in graffiti in 1998. a partial phonetic spelling of “ninety eight”. similarly throughout the 1990s: see 9t1, 9t2 etc. “gaz loves shaz 4eva 9t8” “p wuz ere b4 u 9t8”

  • fish drunk

    when you eat a bunch of raw fish and feel drunk / hung over. barry: that all you can eat sushi was a bargain! phil: dude, i can’t talk… i’m fish drunk. when you are so drunk that when attempting to have s-x, you fail to make proper thrust movements and just wiggle and flop. […]

  • 9t9

    1999 phoenetically. used by graffiti artists who think they’re clever. i woz ere 9t9 4eva!!!!111

  • lmty

    abbreviation for “let me tell ya”. used as sarcasm, if somebody tells you something like “that guy over there is cute” or “you don’t like girls” then the other party might say in sarcasm lmty (let me tell ya).

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