british slang -a b-tthole
stick it in my dunes_2

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  • rocket queen

    a girl who loves to straddle the c-ck. that girl elise, she’s just a rocket queen. a f-ck-ng s-xy guns n roses song here i am, and you’re a rocket queen, i might be a little young but honey i aint naive a very s-xually attractive female that is even more charming and promiscuous than […]

  • punk rock princess

    b-tch -ss spoiled brat poser who depends on her older bro or daddy to take care of her and her friends to gush about her sweet outfit, which includes 1)concert t 2)spiked/studded bracelets and/or choker stacked up to the middle of her forearm 3)ratty jeans she’ll walk around singing along with her cd player pumped […]

  • ringsend uppercut

    old irish slang meaning to kick a man in the genetals he would have boxed the ears off me only i caught him with a nice ringsend uppercut, bang, right in the ballix.

  • riptation

    the process of getting high with the use of marijuana “hey man it’s time for some intense riptaaaaaaaation”

  • rocket rooket

    rocket rooket is a really physically weak child who thinks he is the don he got the first 3 letters right he is a donkey he had a irregular nose now if this if your name you know what it means your a rocket rooket

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