Dunkadelic Boom

is a slang basketball term that describes a spectacular slam dunk that is followed by the eruption of a captivated arena crowd. a slam dunk that brings fans on the court and causes a break in game action ( playground and high school games this may occur but not on the college or pro level ).
vince carter of the east all-stars dropped a dunkadelic boom on the west all-stars that drove the fans out of their seats at the 2005 all-star game.the playground legend main event hammered home a dunkadelic boom that stoped the game for almost 5 minutes.
is a basketball term that describes the sound and visual effects of the player introductions prior to a games tip-off.
the fans cheered when the pa director announced the starting lineups to an electrified ” dunkadelic boom “arena display during the pregame introductions.

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