a delicious dunked snack. comes with several kangaroo shaped graham crackers which came in a variety of flavors. these were dipped in creme and then eaten, and life was good.

sadly, dunkaroos have gone the way of the tv dinner and jiffy pop, and are hard to find anymore.
jenna dipped her dunkaroos in the creme and became blissfully happy.
a snack involving delicious icing and five fun-shaped cookies (airplane, bicycle, hot-air balloon, dunk the kangaroo, and a round cookie with a d on it) the single-most dreamed about snack from 1994-2001 is believed to be argely responsible for countless cavaties in countless children. sadly, they have become obselete ever since betty crocker stopped marketing them. a commonly-held belief is that they should sponsor a nascar to help spread the delicious, icing-filled word.
rob went through 2 boxes of dunkaroos in three days, and everything was peaceful and happy.

rob savored each and every delicious and creamy bite and lick of his dunkaroos snack pack.
to lick vehemently. similar to the technique used to lick extra icing out of a dunkaroos container.
my tongue was raw and tender after an extended round of foreplay involving my dunkaroo technique.

shares no commonality with the popular “frosting” maneuver.
the activity consisting of being held upside down submerged in a garbage can full of water for as long as one can hold ones breath. once one has been put back to the standing position, the person has to bong a beer. its a rush but quite fun. usually done at frat parties.
did you see those two hott girls just do that dunk-a-roo? they are f-cking awsome!
an 4-step activity involving two people, a cooler full of ice water and a can full of beer.

step 1: dunkaroo recipient submerges head in cooler of ice water for 10 seconds
step 2: dunkaroo doner slaps recipient in the face and hands them a beer
step 3: dunkaroo recipient drinks beer, à la shotgun method
step 4: scuzz
“did you see how many dunkaroos sasha took last night?”

“my friend shoshana just arrived with a cooler full of peebrs. dunkaroo time fa da boyz”
when a man or lady dips his head into the icy waters of a keg tub (feet held up by two friends) and stays under water until he feels numb, at which time he whips his head out of the tub to shotgun a root beer soda. the headrush of the experience makes the shotgun an easy and rewarding feat.
tommy was did about 5 dunkaroos at the tailgate, and his best time was about 90 seconds.
1. a delicious middle school snack

2. a m-s-ch-stic way to drink beer
1. after three boxes of dunkaroos, john was so happy he didn’t even notice his gigantic stomachache.

2. jimmy is such a freak. he just dunkarooed his fifteenth beer!

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