dusting off

the act of sharing intimacy between two people while maintaining no physical cantact by using props such as flowers to touch and/or tease the other individual until the climax occurs. sometimes leads to physical intimacy when neither of the parties can hold out any longer.
1. dude, megan and maddi are dusting off my body right now, i don’t know how much longer i can hold out.

2. did you see josh hartnett dusting off that girl in the movie 40 days and 40 nights?
to pleasure ones self. to m-st-rb-t-
“the hotel i was staying in had free p-rn so i spent most of the night dusting off”
dustin somebody off is like…
— whatever,
i dont wanna hear it, go somewhere —
janet: i wanna tell you bout` my weekend… but i`m afraid you might dust me off or somethin`

dusting off ]

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