the dvhl also known as the delaware valley hockey league is the sh-ttiest and dirtiest youth hockey league around. the refs do not care at all what happens during the game they just want to make a quick few bucks. if another player takes his stick and tomahawks you in the back of the head a dvhl ref will just turn his head and act like nothing happened, then if you make just a small comment like “are you f-cking blind?”, “how are you not seeing this” or “what the f-ck”, “why didn’t you call that!?” he/she will probably put you in the penalty box for 10 minutes and even the rest of the game. this league is really sh-tty for the kids, a lot of games end up in brawls. it is not uncommon to be punched in the handshake line or get into a screaming match with an opposing coach. also many of the rinks are located in the worst parts of town. most people want to go to a youth hockey game to watch, not to worry about getting mugged or shot. overall the dvhl can be fun to play in, but it is not the safest and most reliable league.
“i hate playing in the dvhl, it sucks”

“i cannot wait until our last dvhl game is over”

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