in order to successfully ‘dwad’ you need at least 2 male particpants (3 if you wish to perfrom a “double dwad”). one male will penetrate the ‘dwader’ by inserting his flaccid or slightly aroused p-n-s into the recipeints ear c-n-l. as a side option, the penetrator may rest his scr-t-m on the recipeints face for added stimulation. the “double dwad” involves penetration of both ears and is not to be performed until the singular dwad has been mastered.
“he was getting a little out of hand, so i had to dwad him”
-short for “d-mn workers ain’t doin sh-t”

originated in the town of suss-x which is located in wisconsin. the term reefers to the words you yell while in the act of throwing a (usually large) object through your or a coworker’s/bosse’s office window (most commonly in an industrial environment).

-to add effect-
-from a high office overlooking work floor

-illegaly be in the building

-before you quit

-in an abandon factory/building

-workplace of an ex

-after company does not make bottom line
boss- “what do you mean we behind 300 units!!!”
boss- ” d-mn workers ain’t doin sh-t!!!!!” (dwads)
boss- (throws chair through window over production floor)
a term meaning “jerk, or man-ho, or b-tch–ss-n-gg-” quoting my friend tyrone and his brother michelangelo.

it often is used between friends as a joke.

it is also spelled; d-wad, dwad or “d” wad

also meaning someone is a d-ck, but not a full d-ck, so they are a d-ck wad; or piece of d-ck.
tyrone: youre a b-tch–ss-n-gg-.

michelangelo: well youre a d wad
{pr-nounced “duh-wahd”} n. abbreviated or censored version of the term d-ckwad.
those perez and rudnak dudes are total dwads for scr-ping sites and breaking copyrights.
one who is a d-ckwad, but shortened dwad means the same thing.
dude why was he acting dwad lately?

tw-t for those who have difficulty not replacing all the “t” sounds with “d”s
get off my tw-nt, you stupid dwad!
driving while a douche.
“i just got cut off by a dude-bro in an affliction tee shirt talking on his blackberry. dwad.”

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