a person that steals your girlfriend.
i will dweesan you.
a person that steals your girlfriend.
i will dweesan you

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  • reverse ident*ty theft

    the act of abusing the well-known and “automatically accepted” concept of ident-ty theft (whereby a nameless criminal commits a crime and makes it appear that an innocent person did it) by falsely mentioning it to hopefully avert suspicion of criminal involvement — the accused person does indeed commit one or more crimes himself, but then […]

  • nanastein

    the best person ever. ”wow, your nanastein is the best ever!”

  • i voted for trump

    i am stupid. i have no idea why someone would yell out “i voted for trump!” at someone else, they must be stupid.

  • tyqouia

    a very snotty woman/girl. she thinks that she is better than any pretty girl there is. she is very very ugly and cannot sing for nothing. omg you are acting like a tyqouia.

  • skrik

    skrik is a sharp afrikaans word which suggests that someone got a big fright. at the sight of it they all got a big skrik,and some may need to change their underpants. another word for buddy, dude, man, etc. created 1998 person 1 : “ey, what up skrik?” person 2 : “nada man… chillin.”

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