Dyer, Indiana

small north west indiana suburb located in the region. children attend kahler middle school in dyer and std central high school in saint john. somewhat upper cl-ss neighborhood. it falls between munster, schereville, indiana, and lynwood, lansing, illinois. it’s about 35 minutes from downtown chicago. lake central high school has one of the highest enrollments in the state with about 4000 kids. almost everyone from munster thinks they are better than everyone else, yet they are just wannabe rich kids that are just the same as everyone else. the nearest department stores are in highland about 5 minutes away, or at westfield’s southlake mall in mereville about 30 minutes away from all the traffic on us 30. there are 27 parks in the small town, including central park, which will be a sports plex about 1-2 square miles big. most of the cops are douche bags and if you have ever been to dyer, you will have heard of officer sickles. it’s an alright place to live, as long as you don’t mind the tools in munster talkin’ sh-t to you because they drive a 2010 mercedes and you drive a 2009 mercedes.
welcome to indiana, the boringest place you’ll ever come too, unless you live in the region. dyer, indiana is probably the quietest town you’ll ever see.

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