dysgenics refers to the steady weakening and r-t-rdation of mankind due to welfare] systems and other interesting side effects of civilization] that prevents natural selection] from doing it’s job. also, dumb people don’t dig the basic concept of birth control] causing them to have more children than smarter people who realise that kids are a major pain in the -ss and should be avoided. paranoid] folks state that dysgenics will eventually result in the collapse of our civilization, but that’s likely because they lack a sense of humor].
you can tell if you worry too much about dysgenics when you spend a day at the amus-m-nt park with a bunch of smiling, happy people, and when someone asks you if you’re enjoying yourself the only thing you can think of to say is, “you know, in 100 years this will all be gone”.
the opposite of eugenics. encouraging the least able and least active to reproduce the most. usually achieved by welfare, it ensures a steady stream of low iq ethnics and chavs who will be guaranteed to provide labour votes for decades to come.
the governments encouragement of pakistani inbreeding via welfare and lax immigration laws is a cl-ssic example of dysgenics in action.

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