eddie money, guy who sings “take me home tonight”
e$ eddie money $$$$zone

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  • Agriopoustoscabilo

    agri _o_pootso_scabilo an aggresive c-ck slap to the femail face following a bl-w j-b (pipa). the resulting action usually leaves a mark that may last for as long as several days (even months) & is often performed by a select group of greek males with abnormal c-ck sizes. although this may be looked upon as […]

  • basiviousness

    ridiculous; (slang)bullsh-t this is basiviousness! ex. used to replace the term “this is a bunch of bullsh-t”

  • AgriVulture

    agribusiness corporation which attempts to patent the genetics of heirloom variety fruits and/or vegetables. these agrivulture companies should stick to genetically modified crops and leave the natural heirloom varieties alone.

  • fitting

    1. to be used in place for proper and legit, and safe. 2. new and improved version of the word. 3. something that is good, exceeds expectations, done right. “yo that girl just gave me head!” maaaddd fitting yo!

  • Ahaz

    handsome, tall, heroic friend who is a great artist but not quite the athlete of the group. usually means has a large c-ck. majestic beast of the land of the sand. very rare and mysterious creature. oh look a wild ahaz is wandering in the street.

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