easy day

a common expression in the us military, particularly the navy. meaning: ‘this is a piece of cake; what we are about to do will be easy.’ in reality what you are about to do might be a huge pain in the -ss, but its time to grow the f-ck up and motivate yourself to get it done fast. this is real sh-t and no other definition matters, period.
gmc: ” i need maintenance checks today on all four 25mm weapons mounts, and make sure that f-cking 5 inch gets a barrel swab”

gm1: “aye chief, …you heard him boys, let’s go let’s do this -claps hands- easy day !”
the day when girls get even sl-ttier on halloween and it’s used as an excuse. it happens every year and it’s an obvious giveaway that you can pick up in a matter of minutes.
dude 1: hey, i heard that walgreens are having all condoms at low price on halloween. why’s that?
dude 2: it’s because it’s easy day and the girls will be looking hot that night, it’s the all you can eat buffet for men.

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