easycore, also known as softcore, is a subgenre of punk consisting of pop punk bands inspired by hardcore punk. musical characteristics include shout-backs, sing-a-longs, and positive, uplifting lyrics.

some easycore bands are: set your goals, four year strong, post-mtv era new found glory, daggermouth, the wonder years, fireworks, etc.
new found glory’s fall 2008 headlining tour was called “the easycore tour” and featured opening acts a day to remember, set your goals, four year strong, international superheroes of hardcore, and crime in stereo.
pop punk with hardcore influences
easycore bands like a day to remember, me vs hero, four year strong
watch the “rock bands” on mtv then you will see what easy core is.
easy core rockers say ” long live powercords thats all we can play!”

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