the act of being royally f-cked, either through excessive charges or unfair practices. derived from the process of listing an item on the auction site, ebay, wherein you are required to pay a listing fee, a percentage of the final valuation, and then charged for using the ebay owned site, paypal as a mandatory payment facility; resulting in you wishing you hadn’t bothered listing the f-cking item in the first place.
“i’ve just recieved my paycheck and i’m £200 short. i’ve been f-cking ebayed!”

“electronic arts have ebayed us; they’ve only sold us 80% of the game, the rest is downloadable content we have to pay for…”
to have sold something on the internet, typically (but not always) on ebay.

in mmo video games, digital property (see loot) is often sold thru venues other than ebay. however, the act is still commonly referred to as ebaying of items.
usage in online mmo video games:
he was uber until he ebayed his account to some n00b.

other usage:
i ebayed my father-in-law’s false teeth.
where someone or something belonging to a person has been put up as an item up for sale on ebay.
“look, kieron dyer is on ebay.”
“hey, joe, someone put your mum on ebay.”
“hey look, you’ve been e-bayed!”
to beat someone on bidding on an iteam on ebay.
ray: i want to win this paramore poster!
ben: cmon ebay that son of a b-tch!
ray: yes i ebayed that tard!

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