ebejer brothers

the self proclaimed knights of the maltese facebook and youtube community on a quest to save the world and rid all ‘haters’. widely known for their ‘magiks’, singing and the like, they are the definition of laughing stock. both recently had beef with ‘malta and gozo like and share’ for sharing videos they put out themselves on youtube, namely ‘il-magiks tal-bajda’ and josmar’s topless cover of ‘xemx wisq sabiħa’ with an outstanding 189k views as well as the various rants by ahithophel ebejer, also referred to as the templer knight, adressing his haters.
kemm hu indannat josmar jixtieq il-kanċer fuq it-tfal.

jien nimmasturba għax it-templer knight qal li issaħħaħ id-difiża tal-ġisem kontra l-mard.

the ebejer brothers are filth of society.

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