less emb-ssing way to describe tampons used for female menstrual cycles when talking to your teenager.
i forgot to pick up a box of eddys for my daughter when i was at the store.
a person who is very loud and tries to be cool, but he’s just a malesting little b-tch.
“uh oh! the eddy’s coming!”
eddy: “hey, wait up guys!”
verb: bending/crashing/destroying a motor car by attempting a basic manouver such as going round a corner on a country lane
i did an eddy on the road from aberdeen to st andrews
-a current, as of water or air, moving contrary to the direction of the main current, especially in a circular motion.-
~a drift or tendency that is counter to or separate from a main current, as of opinion, tradition, or history.~
eddy who? eddy hu! bruce lee homie g
an underground street term for energy drinks.

origin: energy drinks = eds = eddies
“hey, we need to go to the store and pickup some eddies for later tonight.”
a codename for a person of african american decent. often used in public in order to avoid getting the sh-t beat out of you.
look at that eddy there in the back of the bus.
latin roots
means i am fat f-cken h-m- that touches little boys
i am going to play with that molsestor eddy

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