the study of how eddy a person, place, or thing is.
susan became an edgyoligist after high school

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  • tukue

    a word or name given to a person who has achieved or is yet to achieve a great task. such a person is only found every 5 generations and is considered a very special person. freddy was the tukue of 2015.

  • fleece job

    when engaging in foreplay or intercourse with a male partner, you pull their foreskin back to the base and pull it under to cup the b-lls steven: “katie gave me a great fleece job last night, she almost broke my banjo”

  • c*ckularistic

    optimistic pertaining to male genitalia ginger and april were two of the most c-ckularistic chicken heads i’ve ever known when it comes to receiving as many c-cks as possible without any regret.their optimism for c-ck was unwavering and a bit disturbing to say the least.

  • dirty link

    you hold you p-n-s like a sword and start swinging it. i saw james do a dirty link in his bedroom.

  • aperghis

    the greatest family that has ever existed. they come from the netherlands and a greek island called paxos. the whole family is amazing and so sweet. when you meet an aperghis your whole body lights up with joy! the aperghis families are so cool.

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