very annoyed
ooh aren’t you eggy-peg

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  • Egyptopimp

    a pimp of egyptian origins. generally the director of one or more egypt-hos and egyptsl-tes. not a socially acceptable profession, especially in devout circles. i found myself in cairo, in much need of coital relations. luckily i was able to happen upon an egyptopimp peddling his wares.

  • frequency grease

    n; fictional object used by military personel to confuse newb signal soldiers in to looking stupid in front of they’re superiors “hey, jones, this radio isn’t working, go ask the commander for some more frequency grease.” see also chemlight batteries

  • ehweh

    it can be used for anything really but mainly in negative ways. like a b-tch or an annoying person or thing. it can be used in any situation, wow you’re such an ehweh. that was such an ehweh move.

  • eekable

    something which you have to go eek at, like an embarasing situation or really good situation same amount of time spread out. mmore money. with people you know and just plain eekable

  • kutay da puttar

    a punjabi phrase meaning son of a dog oi, that ginger angus is a kutay da puttar you know that boy haris, his mum is a kutay da puttar im gona f-ck you up kuthay da puthar

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