excellence in broadcasting – the acronym for rush limbaugh’s network.
i’m sitting behind the golden microphone at the eib network.
everybody in battalion: a female groupie of the 75th ranger regiment, also known as a rangerette, whom partic-p-tes in s-xual acts with at least a hundred rangers from one of the ranger battalions. eib is a pun that is based on an actual award called the “expert infantryman badge.”
1)amber, a rangerette, quickly earned her “eib” t-tle when she went on a three month s-x spree with a hundred army rangers.
rush limbaugh’s radio station, it stands for” everything is bullsh-t”
i tried to fact check rush limbaugh’s radio show, but after half an hour i still hadn’t heard any facts, e.i.b.!
the alpha and the omega; who is, and who was, and who is to come; the almighty
praise eib!
exceptionally pointy and angular.
g-d, look at that jimmy hill. he’s got a right eib going on there.
the condition whereby unpleasant facial features, such as a pointy nose or chin, are – in the eye of the beholder – a thing of great beauty.
“as vanessa feltz lovingly caressed her flopping bosoms, onlookers remarked “oh christ, she’s having a right eib.”

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