eil, is i most likely a guy name but can also be a girl name too, it’s pr-nounced “e-lie”. eil is a very thoughtful person and likes to spend much of there time talking to there friends or making new ones, eil is one of the most friendliest person you will meet and doesn’t lie and keeps people’s promises including his own. eil is an outgoing person meanwhile he/she is also she meaning that it would take awhile for him/her to open up to the person and to trust them but once you have a friend like eil it’s a hard friend to forget because he/she always has helpful advice and always lends a helping hand when needed.
guy #1: “yo who’s your new best friend?”

guy #2: “someone i could never forget”

guy #1: “what’s his name?”

guy #2: “eil and he/she is always there to help me when i need a hand”

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