the name of a girl spelled backwards. in the other diretion this name is stephanie. stephanieis someone who is: angry inside, sad , but a caring personality. her name, stephanie, is a common name, but loved by people that matter. she cares for many. she is beautiful and sad inside. people can get mad at her easily. she makes mistakes, and talks before she thinks. she got delt a bad hand of cards in life. she is very into acting and is extreamly talented. she hopes to soon be in a tv series. currently looking into agencies. she hopes to find a real friend someday (besides me). and btw im writing this to prove to her she is special, because she thinks the total oppisite.
hey steph what you doing tonight? “oh just staying home, going on aim and waiting for someone to make me feel like sh-t.”

einahpets is stephanie spelled backwards

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