long -ss word.
“i major in electroneuromyography.”

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  • Enrooshi

    a word used by ignorant people to call on an asian kid yo enrooshi, p-ss me the football

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    erikev (v.) “to erikev”/the act of erikeving/the act of two people, male and female, female bearing the name of erin, male bearing the name of kevin, physically interacting the way a couple might while (not) watching a movie. “hey you erikev during the movie last night?” “yeh man, it was awesome.”

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    in native language of thai, this defines a person who shall be victorious in all walks of life. you see that guy? he was just presented with the n-bel peace prize, such an ekapol.

  • electritard

    one who is inept in the ways of electrical schematics and circuitry. jess showed she was an electritard when she couldn’t tell a tripped breaker from a relay.

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