another word for ‘cool’. used mostly by juvenile 10-13 yearold males in their blink-182-filled desire to create their own language.
“dude, like totally look at the i-pod my mum gave me!”


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  • Electronichill

    a state of mind that manifests when listening to worthy, chill, low tempo bpm electronic music. artistically mixed sets that evoke other stimulated states of mind are prime examples. marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine or any other aural enhancer is strictly optional and definitely not necessary. only quality tracks and sets can trigger an “electronichill” state […]

  • Stour

    when salt is layed on one’s tongue and they bite a lemon. this is called stour and is mostly done in pubs or bars. “tom had some stour in the pub.” scots term meaning dust dust there was so much stour in that house.

  • strain the noodles

    urinate man, that lemonade makes me want to strain the noodles!

  • kthxbyaaah!

    okay, thanks, byaaah! (byaaah, from dave chapelle’s howard dean skit) generous person: here’s a thingy. enjoy it while it’s fresh. howard dean: kthxbyaaah!

  • kubak

    someone who is extremely cool. someone who everyone wishes to be like. you’re not as cool as kubak.

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