a tree usually out in a forest or a meadow
generally someone who can laugh and give off a breeze
it’s so hot out, where is an elexis when we need one
very hot, huge -ss, always smiling and brightens the day. you never want to be away from her she’s irresistible, it’s a russian name but she is most likely mexican and mixed with other things.

she has bright beautiul glowing eyes and seems like a good girl but she’s really a bad-ss, s-xy, naughty girl. she dosen’t care about designer clothes she just goes with the flow and is herself, can get any guy she wants, is confident..and never let her go because she will make your life worth living, she’s amazing in bed but is down for anything a rule breaker, elexis is usualy funny and wild
elexis’s smile brightens up the room
she trys to deny she has a big -ss but everyone knows she does.
elexis is pet-te and always dtr (down to rage). her beautiful red hair is one of her many dazzling qualities. on summer days she goes for strolls in the park (aka walks of shame) where the sun beams on her precious freckles and flowing frotch hair…her favorite things to do are barfing in her friend’s sheets, checking bank statements, and bush raping oh! and she really “frickin loves popcorn.”
hey who was that drunk girl in the bush?
had to be an elexis

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