coolest guy in the old testiment… look him up…
some guy: aw cr-p… i just lost the hammer in the river!

elija: relax guy, take a rest fella…

some guy: ya, but we borrowed that form that other guy!

elija: -uses powers imparted by g-d to pull a jedi style retreival of said hammer-

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  • Cyrenah

    (n) female – a loyal friend; good listener. fun to be around and very unique (also vulgar). speaks her mind and has a significant craze in celebrities. also hates spiders. cyrenah is a great friend who is like a sister to me.

  • el plumpino

    when you do a girl up the -ss and shove all but your b-lls in. “hey, i gave laura an el plumpino last night and my d-ck was covered in sh-t!”

  • el trasho

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  • emmashiz

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