a f-ck boy who looks like a beetle
“take of your hat it makes you look like elikya”

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  • juns baba

    the male parental unit of someone named jun. according to astrology, they seem to posses a hatrid towards remote control cars. bob: hey wanna hang over at juns? wade: bruh no juns baba smashed my sick audi slrs rc bob: should’ve known man don’t you read about the stars?

  • friskymmo

    a g-y man. yo u know that friskymmo guy hes g-y.

  • shookily

    a whole new level of shook “bro i just found out that my brother is sleeping with my sister” “you must be shookily” “d-mn right”

  • left me on read

    when on snapchat someone opens your snap and doesn’t snap back i can’t believe you left me on read!!

  • boozing

    another word for drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage. man i was boozing so much beer at that party last night. someone who’s booing on their game. sucks at what they say, do or have in life. like booze. but boozing. not drunk talk but stupid talk. monica: hey sarah, how come you don’t conversate […]

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