a b-tch
that girl is an elisibeth

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  • hoesexual

    a person who has no qualms with f-cking a person with no regard for s-xual orientation, gender,mental faculties, or lifestyle. that person is always having intercourse. oh them. they’re just hoes-xual.

  • arcand

    a last name used for people who love the outdoors. french origin wow,he must be an arcand,i just saw him building a snowman

  • lenita

    great friend,really nice,funny,helpful,good at gymnastics lenita is the best person in the world

  • bedonkedonk

    ghetto slang word for a woman’s -ss when it is unbelievably big while she has a slim fit body. dayum look at that bedonkedonk. i could climb in and get lost for weeks in that -ss.

  • phodography

    phodography are the images that your social media friends post of their pets – usually a constant stream of heart-rending imagery. can also be used for images of cats – much to their annoyance! stephen: uh, have you seen what carol is posting? nigel: oh man, she loves her phodography! stephen: it’s a cat!

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