name for a hot girl with an amazing personality and a nice chest.
“dude that girl is so f-cking elli!”
an ellis is a gorgeous boy, usually brown-haired, but it doesn’t matter. an ellis also has a m-ssive c-ck, and all the girls want him. can’t forget that he’s also quite a bit of a c-nt, but everyone wants to be his f-ck-buddy anyway, because he’s an ellis, and an ellis is good at s-x also.
person: oh my god, ellis, can we please f-ck?

ellis: well..you’re not that attractive, but sure, hop on! *flicks hair*
a word that means “cool”. ellis = cool
gurl 1: hey did you see last night’s episode of house? it was so cool!

gurl 2: you mean, it was so ellis?
when you do something really cool you pull an ellis
“omg that was so ellis” or “can you try that again to make it so totally ellis”
a name for a beautiful girl with ocean blue eyes and a kick-ss personality. elli’s are also known to have nice perfectly sculpted -sses. elli’s can be scarcastic and mean, but beneath their tough exterior is a loveable vivacious soul.
jimmy: that girl is mean, but she has a nice -ss.

larry:nah, thats elli, you just have to get to know her, she’s really loveable.

tom:yea, im going to marry her.
to recieve a bl-w j-b while playing a video game.
greg got an “ellis” while playing ncaa 2005 on his xbox.
god. also goddess.
two definitions apply to the same spelling (and same pr-nonciation)

elli norse goddess of old age

elli, from the word “elohim” a t-tle for god in aramaic (speaking of “god on high” or “highest god”)
1: elohim alshaddi. elli god on high.

2: elli fought thor

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