Elmer Fudd

a f-cking idiot who spends his days getting the sh-t kicked out of him by a rabbit and a duck.
hahahahahahahaaa!!! that f-cking rabbit stole elmer fudd’s shotgun and shoved it up the stupid f-cker’s -ss for the seventeenth time today!
a person who has the elmer fudd speach impediment. usually fun to joke about.
be vewy, vewy quiet. i’m hunting students.- ron berlin aka elmer fudd
the evil pig hunter from the looney tunes, hunting for either wabbits or ducks depending on the hunting season. he always fails in his quests.
bugs: ha ha, elmer fudd can’t get me.
elmer: oh you stupid wabbit!!!
another word for br–sts
look at the elmer fudds on that milf!!
1. an amusing cartoon character commonly seen in -ssociation with bugs bunny.
2. any law enforcement officer who is known to employ the services of one or more badge bunny, due to the cartoon characters penchant for hunting rabbits. see also badge bunny
have you met officer yung?

oh, you mean elmer fudd? every badge bunny in the tri-county area has given him a turn!
a practice of s-xual gratification in which a man squeezes elmer’s glue onto his hands, m-st-rb-t-s, and then peels the dried glue from his member.
when i get home tonight, i’m going to microwave my dinner, cry silently to myself, and give myself an elmer fudd.
a practice most often engaged in by two gay men, when a small rodent is placed into the -n-s followed by -n-l s-x as if elmer fudd is prodding a rabbit hole with his gun.
“it felt so good when i elmer fudded him.”

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