elna is someone who is fun and crazy about life. her name is derived from “helen” (as in helen of troy) it means “ray of light”. she is honest, wise and extremely beautiful inside and out.
she does not have a poker face-if she wins a game of poker it was luck.

she is very friendly but slow to trust. her close friends are very lucky people because she will always be there for them. she’s a bit insecure about men-she’s confident and all-but very unsure about herself. it’s partly due to her internal battle between what she sees as good and evil. she may be religous and she may not be but she’s constantly searching for peace with her beliefs and theology. her name is “ray of light” for a reason. she has a god-given need to be an example of what is good and pure. the best way to help her is to genuinly remind her of how much you love her.

she loves flowers. she loves choclate. (so if it’s valentines day and you’re that guy elna’s been chatting with lately, don’t be afraid to be cheesy and typical)

once she disovers a deep truth she longs to share it with others. she wants to help other people all the time because that gives her the most satisfaction.

lastly she likes haveing a unique name. she wants to feel irraplaceable by her friends,family and her one true love
that elna, she’s one of a kind.

there’s no one ele like elna.

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